Alba Avilés Santaemilia, also known as VioletaG or SuperVioletaGamer, is a Spanish streamer and content creator who currently creates content on Twitch and TikTok, focusing on video games, singing and dancing.

Alba Avilés Santaemilia

Valencia, March 14, 1988

She started on YouTube in January 2018

She stands out for her acting skills and her voice, as she loves singing and dancing

She currently streams on Twitch, where she creates the most varied content


Few things stand out in Violeta as much as her will to live life to the fullest and her overflowing joy. Only her singing and dancing skills, present in her life since she was very young, are as outstanding.

Among her great passions are music and art, which she does not hesitate to share with all her followers, making them also a part of her live music and songs.

Another facet of her personality is her great fondness for several movie franchises, such as Harry Potter or Disney.



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