Suja, a.k.a. “The Professor”, is not only a streamer and content creator, he has also been in the video game world for many years, showing great skills as an interviewer and a caster.

Pol Dominguez

Gavá, October 29, 1997

Known as “The Professor”, especially in Fortnite

He is a gamer and a content creator, but he has also proved his skills as an esports teacher and caster

He has casted a large number of events: Fortnite, soccer, LVP; and has been the host of other events, such as the red carpet of the ESLAND Awards


Suja is well known in the world of gaming and esports, focusing mainly on battle royale games such as Fortnite. During a large part of his career, he has been dedicated to teaching the best techniques to win.

Even so, his career is not only limited to being a teacher, he has also been a caster and host of major online events and he presents himself naturally and fluently in all situations.

But beyond the world of video games, he is interested in the world of fashion, too. He stands out for his great style and has started several collaborations with brands.



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