Gemita327 is a Spanish influencer and streamer focused on the world of lifestyle, fashion and video games.

Gemma Gallardo

Valencia, August 5, 1995

First live stream on Twitch on March 8, 2021

Has a personal project called El Club de la Lectura (The Book Club)

Has gained more than one million followers on Twitch, Instagram and TikTok in less than a year

Very present on Twitch and Instagram

She is part of the Movistar Riders team of content creators


She currently resides in Andorra, along with her partner @TheGrefg. She has a degree in Physics and is a big fan of reading. These intellectual concerns, rare in the gaming world, make her a unique profile.

She is a multifaceted person: gamer, model, presenter… are just some examples of the roles Gemma can assume with great professionalism.

She also stands out for her cheerful and fun personality, for never losing her smile and for her spontaneity and freshness. She is a very positive person who is always active and healthy, promoting healthy habits.



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