Ampeterby7 is a Spanish youtuber and streamer focused on the world of video games and sports.

Andrés López Riutort

Mallorca, May 14, 1999

First video on YouTube in August 2013

He has created his own events such as the Ampeter Cup and the F1 Online World Championship

He currently makes live streams of varied content on Twitch: F1, FIFA, Valorant, Minecraft, Fortnite…


Although he was born in Mallorca, he currently lives in Andorra. Since he was a child, he wanted to be a journalist, pilot or youtuber. In his current role as a streamer, he still shows a great fondness for sports and the world of motorsport. 

He is a cheerful and extroverted person, also very competitive and determined, so he usually enjoys PvP video games that include ranked games such as League of Legends or Valorant. 

He also stands out for having a very healthy lifestyle. He likes to practice sports and stays away from bad habits. 



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