Riot Games wanted to promote their new Netflix series, Arcane, and have it reach as many people as possible by means of an online activation.


We created a League of Legends tournament called Worldsitos, from the creative concept to the graphic development of the event, as well as the production and execution of the live broadcast.

In the tournament, some of the best LoL streamers of the Spanish-speaking community faced each other. This face-off featured some of the best-known names on Twitch, such as TheGrefg, Ibai Llanos, or ElXokas.


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Konami commissioned us to create the launching spot for PES21 in a very special year: the 25th anniversary of the franchise and the return of Leo Messi as an ambassador.

Femeval, the Valencian Metallurgical Business Federation, asked us to make a campaign to encourage young people who want to study vocational training to consider the metallurgical sector. As a result, the sector would be nourished by new talent.