Red Bull wanted to make a point-of-sale action featuring streamer TheGrefg.


To provide a context to the action, we suggested that RedBull transform the streamer’s set-up into a unique and avant-garde broadcast space. Multi-cameras, lights, rigs, and other elements were created especially for the streamer. 

The concept to create this activation was The Time Room, related to some ideas associated with the streamer himself, such as the countdown timer and the fourth wall between the streamer and his audience. 

The action at the point of sale takes the form of a raffle through a mini online game so that one person can visit The Time Room. 


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Femeval, the Valencian Metallurgical Business Federation, asked us to make a campaign to encourage young people who want to study vocational training to consider the metallurgical sector. As a result, the sector would be nourished by new talent.

Adidas wanted our talent, TheGrefg, to promote their solidarity action, in which they collect one plastic bottle from the oceans for every ten minutes of sport.