One of our talents, TheGrefg, asked us to help him create a big event dedicated to the Spanish-speaking Twitch community, an awards gala to recognize the work of the platform’s content creators.


We created the ESLAND Awards, an event that celebrates the quality, creativity, and talent of the best Spanish-speaking content creators.

The slogan for the awards was Land of Creators, a common ground for streamers and communities to commemorate the best moments of the year. We designed The Artifact as the creative axis of the campaign, a metaphor about the emancipation of talent through technology and the irruption of creators into the world of entertainment.

The event was such a hit, and so memorable that it will definitely be added to the annual calendar of events for the Hispanic community on Twitch.


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Riot Games wanted to promote their new Netflix series, Arcane, and have it reach as many people as possible by means of an online activation.

Euroleague Basketball asked us to help them reach a young, urban audience that was showing less and less interest in the competition and basketball in general.